A stitch in time 24/365


The new sewing project has begun!

The old reliable doesn’t make appearances that often, well not as often as I would like. It’s normally this time of the year when I decide to start a new project, last year I made a lunch bag.

My sewing machine was bought for me by my Dad for my 17th birthday when I was at college studying fashion, 19 years ago! I don’t want to jinx anything but it hasn’t packed up on me yet…

My new project is something for my son, Joseph and his lego.


Morning Frost 23/365


It has been really chilly and frosty over the past few days this week and I have been meaning to take a few icy pics.
On the way to work this morning I saw the Frost on the grass and thought how wonderful and peaceful it actually looked.
These chilly mornings may be cold but they are very pretty. I love to look at the frosty spider webs that cover the hedges and gates, they are quite eerie but also spectacular.

Love 21/365

I look at this little face and it makes my heart skip a beat

I look at this little face and am overwhelmed with the amount of love i have for him.

I never thought I could feel such love before I had children. After having my first child I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to Love my second child as much as the first but my Lovely Mum ¬†told me that love is just like an elastic band and it will stretch as far you want it to.



Story Time 19/365

I’ve bought a new book for my youngest boy to look at, he loves to learn and is always flicking through books from the bookcase.

The book is called ‘I’m ready for School’. There is a section in the book titled ‘All about me’, there is a page with pictures of different type people who help us. I asked Oliver if he knew who they were, here are his answers for the two pictures below:

  • A boy who has a sad cat – That is the Vet
  • A scarecrow – That is the farmer

Ahh bless him!




The funny things they say and do: Helping in the kitchen

My youngest son is now 3 years old and his vocabulary is becoming vast, every day he says a new word and along with him asking questions he never misses a thing.

He loves to be helpful especially when it comes to putting away the grocery shopping in to the cupboards. I never have to ask him for help as he is the first at the front door picking up the carrier bags and bringing them through to the kitchen. He never waits for me to give him items, instead he unpacks them himself and puts them away by himself (sometimes in the wrong place). I found a packet of super noodles the other day in the pots and pans cupboard and the pasta bake jars were in the crisp box.


I was taking out the meat from the plastic cartons and putting them into freezer bags, this way they all fit into the freezer, Oliver had asked me what I was doing so I explained to him. I put the chicken breasts into a freezer bag and placed them on to the kitchen side, I turned around to the opposite counter to do the mince meat and I heard Oliver calling me. I turned around and saw him with the freezer door wide open trying to squash the chicken breasts into a drawer that wasn’t yet open, he was shouting out at me “It’s too difficult to fit anymore into this freezer!”

I told him to wait for me and I will help him, I gave him the Mince meat to hold whilst I pulled opened up the freezer drawer, he stood still staring at it. He was looking at the mince meat with disgust

“We can’t eat this mum!”

“Why not?”

“It’s full of worms!”

“That’s not worms Oliver, that is how mince meat looks before you cook it”

Children really do say the funniest things.

New sewing project 18/365


We have tons of Lego characters in our house and my son is forever leaving them laying around the house. I decided to make a storage holder for them, with my son’s advice on the colour and design, I ordered some fabric.

This is the start of the new swing project, I’ll share with you the final product once finished.